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Load Legends S.R.O. (Europe) is looking for Freight Broker Agent in Prague Czech Republic (This job vacancy is only for people who live or planing to move to Prague, CZ – JOB CLOSED!

  • Location: Prague, CZ (Europe)
  • Type of Job: Full-Time
  • Description: Brokers operate as the leaders of transportation, managing all aspects of the transaction. Negotiating prices, booking trucks to pick up and deliver loads. Brokers make their money on the margin the difference in price that your customer pays you minus what you pay a truck to perform those services. Customers pay this premium because you make their life easier and keep their business running smooth. SERVICE. SERVICE. SERVICE.
  • Other personal strengths: Coachable, self-starter, Ability to multitask, Positive attitude, Hunter’s mentality with absolutely no hesitation about making cold calls. MUST be reliable to your clients, the company, and yourself. Must be comfortable on the phone, making COLD CALLS. Solicit new business daily to drive growth and your income. Operational duties include, new business development, dispatching drivers, rate quoting, negotiating, customer service.
  • Time: You will operate on USA market. Need to adopt on USA Time-zones.
  • Language: You have to be either native English speaker or profile who has education background on English language.
  • Salary: Full Time base salary + commission



Dump Truck Carriers / Owner Operators Wanted in Paradise, California (NO COMPANY DRIVERS) – JOB CLOSED!


  • Description: Paradise, California fire cleanup
  • Job Duration: 6-8 Months with possibility to extend
  • Start Time: As Soon As Possible
  • Truck Type: Super 10 Dump, Tri-Axle, Quad Axle ( NO END & NO BELLY DUMPS)
  • Pay: $105 per hour. Paid directly from the customer with certified payroll!!!
    – No minimum hours (days have averaged 8-11 hours/day, Monday through Saturday but the daily number of hours are not guaranteed).
    – Trucks must be placarded in and expected to only work on this project while in the area.
    – All trucks must meet CA requirements for emissions, permits, etc.
  • Lodging: Free accommodations for workers and drivers will be provided at a Staff Camp (single rooms with bed, TV, closet, sink, and a shared toilet/shower between two rooms). Meals are not included

Contact: 1-877-888-LOAD (5623)

Dump Truck Carriers / Owner Operators Wanted in Southeast Texas (NO COMPANY DRIVERS) – JOB CLOSED!


  • Description: Hauling sand (clean, NOT Frac Sand) or Rocks
  • Job Duration:  5 Year Project
  • Start Time: August 1st, 2019 (we can bring in trucks after this date too)
  • Truck Type: Tri-Axle, Quad Axle, Belly Dumps (No End-Dumps)
  • Pay: $8.50 Per Ton (Multiple loads per day)

Contact: 1-877-888-LOAD (5623)

Pneumatic Truck Carriers / Owner Operators Wanted in Eastern PA, WV, OH area (NO COMPANY DRIVERS) – JOB CLOSED!


  • Description: Hauling frac sand from new well
  • Job Duration: 6 Months with possibility to extend to 1 year
  • Start Time:  As Soon As Possible
  • Truck Type: Pneumatic Tankers
    – 0-25   loaded miles pays $382.46/load or $1529.85/day or $9179.10/week
    – 26-50  loaded miles pays $390.91/load or $1563.65/day or $9381.88/week
    – 51-75 loaded miles pays $410.88/load or $1643.52/day or $9861.12/week
    – 76-100 loaded miles pays $423.17/load or $1692.67/day or $10,156/week
    *There is no detention pay, as there is a $0.50/ton subsidy added up front. There are 12 dedicated loading silos (6 on each location) to ensure a smooth loading and unloading process.

Contact: 1-877-888-LOAD (5623)